Orchids – The Perfect Wedding Flowers

One of the most significant decorative aspects of a wedding are the wedding flowers. Not only do they impart visual sparkle to that exceptional day but they also contribute true elegance and affirmation about how special the to be wedded couple is. And for this reason it is actually hard to neglect orchids. como fazer para a orquídea dar flor o ano todo Orchids have stood the test of time as a flower specifically suitable for weddings.

It is probably the most popular wedding flower, it has flourished and increased in popularity over the years. Of course this is only to be expected of this most sensational and refined family of plants. The orchid’s structure is delicate, intricate and luxurious. Even a single orchid flower looks marvelous. Imagine the exceptional beauty of a selection of these flowers and their delightful colors complementing your wedding. Wedding event orchids make your day even more unforgettable and your wedding will be remembered by all guests as most elegantly decorated due to the orchids’ hues, shapes and fragrance.

One reason why orchids have attained such favor as wedding day blossom is because they conserve their fresh look for a long time without having to add water. This is particularly significant if your wedding takes place in an air-conditioned environment or during hot dry weather. One of the most popular wedding orchids is the Cymbidium orchid. You will enjoy the abundant blooms, which come in shades of pink, white, yellow and light green. Their flower petals are full-bodied and bendable, they are very resistant to drying out.

Orchid can be used in many ways, such as in a bouquet, as a cut flower or floated in a crystal bowl. Even though they appear delicate and fragile, they do not droop easily. As marriage ceremony orchids, they can withstand some handling and they keep their fresh lively look well. As Cymbidiums are available in many different colors it is easy to find the right color to accompany your chosen wedding outfit and that of the brides maids.

Give your creativity a boost by contemplating how you can incorporate these elegant long lasting orchid flowers or even the whole orchid plants when planning your wedding, especially if you are interested in making your wedding day a gracious and classy occasion. Marriage ceremony orchids establish an instant impression of joy and reverence possibly more so than any other type of flowers. By creatively blending the orchids’ beauty of color, shape and aroma your wedding will have a genuinely exceptional touch.

Another very popular orchid that is commonly used for weddings is the Dendrobium orchid. Available in white and purple, the delicate Dendrobium flowers make splendid garlands and table decorations. Purple Vanda orchids are also known as an option for wedding events. The allure of wedding ceremony orchids will bring unforgettable enchantment to the occasion. And then there is the Phalaenopsis orchid which is a good choice for the bouquets used in the wedding ceremony.

An additional idea is to include roses and lilies together with orchids in the flower decorations as they can look very attractive together in the arrangements. Plus in the orchid decorations you can also add greenery, crystals, lace, rhinestones, and branches. Whatever your wedding ideas might be, orchids will easily accommodate the special effects that you are looking for and life up to your expectations of the most beautiful of all your wedding blossoms.

Even after your wedding event your wedding orchids can live on for up to two to three weeks. The combination of orchids and weddings is an instinctive match. The beauty and enchantment of both the bride and the orchids are an invincible combination for an everlasting cherished marriage ceremony memory.