Loan with Praise: how does the student loan work?

 To continue studies, to finance a study holiday, to participate in a master’s degree … the reasons that encourage students to apply for a loan can be many. To meet the needs of the most deserving, yobank has studied the Porte Loan with Honors : it is in effect a loan for students who, under certain conditions, provides the funds necessary to finance their university and post-graduate studies, without a strict limitation of destination and without the request of assets or personal guarantees. An advantage that should not be underestimated, this is because the Loan Porte financing with Lode undoubtedly fits into the category of personal loans without paychecks, since the main “job” of a student is to study and can not therefore have a permanent employment contract.

To access them you must be enrolled in a university and be considered worthy students according to the requirements indicated by each University in an agreement with the bank.

Porte Loan with Praise: how to request it and activate it

The Porte Loan with Lode of yobank can be requested simply by registering on the appropriate website and submitting the application for admission to the loan. After a verification of the requisites of the applicant, an email will be sent confirming the eventual acceptance of the application. It will therefore be necessary to print this e-mail and present yourself at a subsidiary of the yobank Group, bringing with it your tax code and an identity document: at this point a current account will be opened With the name of the student on which the sum will be made available shortly request.

The request process is therefore very simple and the only requirement, in addition to being enrolled at a partner university, is to be in possession of the necessary educational credits established by the university in agreement with the bank. Also the maintenance of the loan will depend on the number of training credits obtained during the scholastic path.

Porte Loan with Lode of yobank: how it works

The student loan of yobank consists of a current account on which the requested sum is made available, which can be used in a single solution or according to one’s own needs, by withdrawing via Banklap or by operating the account via internet, telephone or smartphone . However, you can also deposit money in the account, thus reducing your debt.

Porte Loan with Honors: amount, duration and return

Porte Loan with Honors: amount, duration and return

The standard amount of the Porte Loan with Honors is 5,000 euros for a maximum of five years, but this amount may vary depending on the institution. When the student achieves the degree, the funding stops, but this does not mean that the sum used must be returned immediately: in fact, you can choose to use a “bridge period” of 48 months at most during which to look for work, at the end of which you can extinguish the loan in a single solution or apply for a personal loan to the bank to activate a repayment plan. Obviously the latter option is subject to a positive outcome of the investigation.

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